Our Mission
To provide quality, value-added and top-class services to our diverse clientèles.
Our Vision
To be a leading Technical Services Company of choice providing world-class services to our Clients.


About Us

Safari Group was established to address different varieties of customer requirements. Our Strategic Alliances/Partnerships enable us to deliver a significant sales and marketing synergy at a high economy of scale to the ultimate benefit of our clients. Our goal is to be a leading Global Company of choice providing world-class services by applying technology, and high quality human capital.

Our focus is to always bring leading-edge networking products to the market first and ahead of the competition and thus ensure real value for the customer's money. Safari employs Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes and procedures based on 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems and a robust internal business processes to ensure quality work.

The Company is managed by a team of seasoned professionals who have acquired various business experiences and have brought in varied expertise in Telecoms service provision, Consultancy, Utilities Management, Civil and Electrical Engineering .

e adopt an inter-disciplinary approach in meeting our clients' needs by recruiting and retaining top calibre personnel to achieve our unique total service concept. We forge business alliances and contacts with technical partners and other strategic service providers for specialized training needs, technical support and strategic direction.