Safari Energy Resources is an indigenous Nigerian Technical Services Company established to provide high quality and management support services in the Energy sector of the economy.

Safari Energy Resources was established as a medium-sized oil marketing arm of the Group. The company buys petroleum products (PMS, AGO) from large operators such as Oando, NNPC, Zenon, OBAT, MRS and other major importers of refined petroleum product. We maintain independent storage facilities across the nation to ensure product availability and prompt delivery to our Clients’ locations, well into crisis situations and scarcity period.
We also guide Clients as to re-fuelling levels and intervals of supplies based on peculiarities of the location.

We are one of the leading independent marketers that are actively involved in the buying of refined petroleum products mainly from Oando Plc, MRS, OBAT etc for onward resale to the lower end of the retail market.

We are actively involved in the supply of petroleum products to industrial customers and companies who in turn issue cheques in favour of us after delivery of product in their factories , BTS Sites and Company premises.

Our services are truly exceptional, cost effective, accessible and operationally convenient.

Specifically, we employ the underlisted procedures to assure you of the our best services:

Quality Assurance

Quantity Assurance

Types A & B Servicing

We have a monitoring team that places spot-checks on the sites previously visited by site engineers to verify and segregation of Duties

Genuine Spare parts

We are in partnership with dealers of spares that supply us with genuine parts.

Product sourced from reliable sources.

Use of Digitalized Calibrated Meters on  our trucks

 Use of Density Meters

Stock level monitoring and advisory: Just on time fuelling in areas prone to diesel theft.

  Use of Water Detectors


 Spot checks by our monitoring team

















Our Transportation Infrastructure:
We have access to several fleet of Trucks and Utility Vehicles to facilitate prompt delivery of products to our Clients’ locations across the nation.

Our Storage Infrastructure:
To ensure product availability all year round and to also facilitate prompt delivery to sites we sites, have product dumps or storage facilities in different parts of the Country where our operation covers.