The Utilities arm of the Safari Group provides technical hands-on expertise maintenance of equipment of our clients.

Our team of engineers are qualified and well experienced. We maintain good service delivery and we do this through continuous strategic and technological innovation.

We spare no effort in carrying out all our endeavors. We employ a world class operating procedures and equipment to satisfy our Clients and assure them that we carry out maintenance services at the right time.

The Utilities arm of the Group offer the following services:

Power consultancy
Prepaid Meters Installations
Metering & Billing Management
Engineering Construction (Civil & Mechanical)
Operations & Maintenance
Logistics Supplies & Management
Training & Manpower Development

Our Civil Construction Services cover the following areas:

Property Acquisition
Community & Regulatory Management
Construction & Project Management
Marketing & sales of properties
Property & facility management
Business management

We operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week, all year long.

All you have to do is call and we’ll come to your rescue in no time and we offer the following :
• Routine site visits to inspect all electrical and mechanical parts
• Full service (TYPE A) of the PGs every 250 hours
• Supply and installation of genuine service material
• Washing of the radiator and the generator every one and half month or as necessary
• Flushing the interior engine and radiator once in three months.
• Changing oil filter, fuel filter, air filter as recommended by the engine manufacturer

For every visit for servicing or routine inspection, our team also carries out the following checks and fixing:
•Condition of the injector pumps and nozzles
•Condition of the charging alternators
•Condition of the starter motor
•Radiator water
•Oil/diesel/water leakage
•Condition of the water pump Fan belt and charging belt
•Battery and electrolyte
•Cleaning the PGs
•Cleaning of fuel tank.